Young Superhero Helps Dogs on Deployment & Military Community with Volunteer Service

National Non-Profit, Dogs on Deployment Recognizes Outstanding Volunteer Efforts of Junior High School Student

Donations big and small help further the mission at Dogs on Deployment. To date, our organization has been able to grant over $600,000 to help make a difference in the lives of military members and their pets. All of the assistance that DoD provides is made possible through fundraising events, charitable donations and numerous volunteer efforts.

Norman’s owner turned to Dogs on Deployment for help during his service commitment.

Dogs on Deployment volunteer boarders provide loving homes for military pets during their owner’s service commitments. This vital support provides peace of mind that is priceless to service members.

In some cases it is the volunteerism of military families themselves that serves the greater good.  That was the case recently, when Norman,  a Labrador Retriever whose owner was in basic training went to stay with the Galeano family. Their daughter was instrumental  in making Norman feel right at home.

Dogs on Deployment recently acknowledged the efforts of Anna Marie Galeano,  and wishes to again express our gratitude for her selfless acts of volunteer service and kindness.

As the child’s mother, Katrin Galeano told us, “we are a military family who boarded Norman, a beautiful and loyal black Lab for one month. That time spent together was a great experience for our entire family.

All-Star Volunteer

Our 13 year-old daughter, Anna helped take care of Norman, walking and feeding him,  bathing him after he got muddy playing outside, picking up after him and so much more. The two were best buddies for a month!

Being a military family ourselves, we understand the stresses of leaving for training and deployment, and of moving. Our daughter is used to moving a lot, and for that reason we felt she could relate well to Norman, who found himself in a completely new environment with strangers. ”

“Her efforts helped him to adapt to new circumstances, just as Anna herself has had to do countless times. She volunteered well over 60 hours of her time, all while being a very active and good student.  We are incredibly proud of her!”

Dogs on Deployment officially recognized Anna Maria Galeano with a certificate of appreciation for her help.

A Win-Win

Norman clearly benefited from his stay with his foster family. But the Galeano family benefited too.

Norman loved the family members equally, and even did his best to help the Galeano’s son with homework.

Norman tutors.

“Spending time with Norman helped Anna stay calm,” continued Katrin Galeano. “We are unable to have pets full-time due to frequent moves and travel, but by boarding Norman, Dogs on Deployment helped us have a dear and loyal companion.”

Join Dogs on Deployment’s mission in changing the lives of our military members and their pets. Consider today how you may volunteer!


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