Dogs on Deployment 2017 Holiday Wrap Up & Highlights

2017 Holiday Wrap Up & Highlights

Dogs on Deployment reached its 6-year-old milestone this year. As we anticipate the holidays, the organization reflects on some of the events, helping hands, and numerous paws that helped keep this wonderful non-profit organization at the top of Santa’s “good” list.


Our 2015 Military Pet of the Year contest winner, Belle T364 passed the torch to Tanzie, the Dogs on Deployment 2016 Military Pet of the Year contest winner.

This Bosnian beauty went from street to chic.


After the Ward family adopted and brought Tanzie to their home in the United States, The Tanzie Project was born, with the goal of finding homes for as many forgotten, mistreated Bosnian street dogs as possible. Visit them online at


  • Foster Volunteer Boarding Network Thrives

Nearly 1200 military members, their families and pets of all kinds have thus far benefitted from the Dogs on Deployment volunteer boarding network. Selfless and dedicated volunteers from coast to coast continue to provide vital assistance to military pet owners while they serve our country with honor, courage and commitment.


Kevin Leppla hosts Capone & Nip, lakeside. The dogs are owned by Mark Howard of the United States Army.


Consider opening your heart and home in 2018 to an active duty service member’s dog or other family pet! Help Dogs on Deployment succeed and promote responsible pet ownership at the same time!


Bam Bam and his volunteer (mini) hostess.

Check this out if you’re wondering exactly what it’s like to foster for Dogs on Deployment.


  • We Appreciate a Little Help from Our Friends

Dogs on Deployment is a not for profit organization that values the partnerships and relationships we have made with people and businesses who sponsor us and support our mission. They help to raise funds, raise awareness and share their experiences with others who in turn become friends to our organization.

Saw Contracting, Inc., looks forward to attending more events with the DoD Hampton Roads Chapter in Virginia. Find out more about the Williams’s experience and SAW Contracting, Inc.


The Williams family provided a great deal of support to Dogs on Deployment!


  • Pet Chits & Military Furry Family Reunions

Dogs on Deployment understands that pets do a great deal to enhance and complete our lives in countless ways. Our Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program helps us reach our goal of promoting responsible, lifelong pet ownership within the military-pet community. Dogs on Deployment’s military-pet foster network reunites as many military families with their pets as possible, and the Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program helps with the financial costs.

Here are a few of the families who benefited from pet chit grants this past year.











  • Abigail: Underdog to Wonderdog

Young Abigail (of Bonnets for Abigail) was found on the streets mutilated and nearly dead from suspected dog fighting wounds. After rescue, support, love and seemingly endless surgical and medical attention, she bloomed. Abigail went on to heal and find a furever family who has helped her to forgive, love and be loved, and enjoy life to its fullest. Now, Abigail is a therapy dog!

As her journey continued in 2017, Abigail, adorned in bonnets, began her campaign as an ambassador to end dog fighting everywhere. She also announced her support for Dogs on Deployment as her charity partner, and entered the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. This is an annual campaign that recognizes heroes on both ends of the leash.


Abigail won the grand prize award of 2017 American Hero Dog! Her win in this competition meant that Dogs on Deployment was awarded $7500 as Abigail’s charity partner!!



Dogs on Deployment Making Tracks into 2018

Our organization looks to the year ahead with hope for continued growth and anticipation of new initiatives. One constant has been and remains the efforts of hundreds of wonderful and selfless people who help keep us ticking every day.

  • Volunteer Coordinators and Volunteer Participants

Dogs on Deployment acknowledges the efforts of our numerous volunteer coordinators and volunteer participants at every level of the organization. Whether you man the booths at outdoor events, coordinate fundraising activities, work behind the scenes to make our online website more user-friendly, or graciously help match military families with potential boarders, we thank you! You make all the difference!!

Jackie Nichols Mikolaczyk, Gulf Coast DoD Coordinator, with Alisa Johnson, President and Co-Founder, DoD


  • 2018 – What More Is in Store?

Our 2017 MPOTY Tanzie and her owner, Katie Ward and family will prepare to pass the torch to the 2018 MPOTY contest winner.

Ward Family with Tanzie and her new siblings


Dogs on Deployment continually strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone involved in the boarding process. As of January 1, 2018, we will update our “Terms of Use” Policy for any one interested in using our volunteer boarding and foster network. Click here for important detailed information on what this means.


Finally, as 2017 ends, the Dogs on Deployment family wants to wish military service people many blessings, good health and the company of your furry, feathered and finned loved ones!

Happy Holidays one and all!!

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