SAW Contracting Sponsors Dogs on Deployment

SAW Contracting Sponsors Dogs on Deployment

It’s a warm, breezy summer day in Virginia Beach, VA, as Anthony Williams strolls the boardwalk with his rescue pups, Jyn Erso and Bootie in tow. They cruise the beach-side streets, taking in the sites, waiving to other dog families they pass. Anthony and wife, Toni Cerino have a passion for rescuing pit bulls, with Jyn and Bootie making numbers three and four. Fortunately, they’ve never been separated from their dogs.



Williams, an Army veteran, experienced multiple deployments. He and Toni understand all too well the nuances of military life and the challenges deployments can place on a family, especially one with four-legged members. As Anthony transitioned from service member to business owner, now serving as President of SAW Contracting, Inc., he was drawn to give back in some way. The perfect combination of his passion for dogs and his love for our military service members was found in Dogs on Deployment.

Knowing that his family couldn’t expand, even temporarily, by four more paws, in May 2017 Williams and SAW Contracting signed on as a local sponsor for Dogs on Deployment. “DoD’s mission of assisting deploying service members in finding temporary care and boarding for their pets is fully aligned with passions of our organization,” states Williams. Any funds we can provide to assist dogs in transition, boarders and service members are funds well spent.”

For SAW, being able to attend local events and support the cause in a physical way was just as important as donating in the monetary fashion. Anthony and his SAW team look forward to attending events with the DoD Hampton Roads Chapter this year and helping to spread the word about the amazing services the organization provides. Jyn Erso and Bootie look forward to making new friends, too!

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a local sponsor for Dogs on Deployment, click here.


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