Military Shoppers Partners with Dogs on Deployment

Military families know the ins and outs of this life. We know which boxes and valuables not to let the movers touch. We know how to find our children’s medical records, vet records, and a W-2 from a job we had fifteen years ago, all in thirty seconds. We PCS to a new base, and in under an hour, we’ll know how to get groceries, go to the movies, and get our teeth cleaned.

0How do we do manage to do it all while supporting our servicemen and women? Aside from becoming adept organizers, planners and strategizers, we know how to use our resources. And one of those resources is A website devoted to supporting our military families…and even our military pets! In case you didn’t know, has proudly partnered with Purina® in support of Dogs on Deployment. is your one stop shop for military exclusive offers, savings and discounts! Not only is it a place where military families can go to find out “What’s On Sale” at the commissary by browsing their monthly Commissary Specials flyer, but also get digital access to printable coupons to compound those commissary savings.

Don’t feel like taking the time to scour through pages of printable coups? Sign up for commissary newsletter and you’ll receive the commissary article that maps out “What’s On Sale” paired with what coupons are available for those products delivered directly to your inbox each month. Can you say, EXTREME COUPONNING made easy?!

If the coupons are not enough incentive to visit, how about the monthly photo and recipe contests for CASH prizes, commissary news and events, and military hot topic discussions? Not to mention, monthly CASH giveaways just for signing up to receive newsletters!

0 (1)We’re talking access to thousands of military, budget friendly recipes, insider info direct from fellow military spouses on military travel discounts and secret military vacation spots! Did I forget to mention, the BEST resources and support for military families covering everything from PCS to marriage, career to our military kids, all the way down to what you can and can’t wear to the commissary? It’s a win-win!

Don’t miss out on everything has to offer! Sign up for their newsletter and take part in our joint mission to support military families and their pets!

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