A Final Reunion Between Sailor and Beloved Mija

Pretty Mija, looking strong and healthy

Pretty Mija, looking strong and healthy

It’s certainly hard to forget Mija. Earlier this year, she won the hearts of Dogs on Deployment supporters when we shared her story.

Kery and Lee Rader, when facing Lee’s deployment, found a wonderful foster, Donna Magee, through our network of boarders. Unfortunately, Mija got sick during her stay with Donna; she was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Donna’s quick attention and loving care helped with treatment. She applied for a Dogs on Deployment Pet Chit to offset the crippling cost of treatment, and she nursed Mija through chemotherapy. Thanks to donations, we were able to donate over $2,000 towards Mija’s care.

For health crises like this, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Dogs on Deployment partners with Pets Best Insurance, and recommends that every pet owner consider policies for their animal(s).

Mija seemed to be feeling better for a short time, and she was scheduled to finish her treatments this December. This was great news for Lee, who was scheduled to be home in October.

Mija, recovering from treatment

Mija, recovering from treatment

Sadly, their reunion turned out to be bittersweet. Shortly before Mija and Lee were to meet again, Mija’s health took a turn for the worse; it seemed to be only a matter of days.

Still, it seemed like she had something she was holding on for: a few more kisses and another scratch from Lee.

She got just that, at their reunion. Unfortunately, Mija passed away very shortly after they were reunited.

So many people donated to Mija’s care that we wanted to express thanks for getting her to this moment that her family so desperately wanted, and to share with you that it occurred, despite the fact that she is no longer with us. While it’s heartbreaking that she has passed away, it’s so wonderful that she was able to be with her family again, and we also want to express our pride in our network of boarders and supporters.

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