Hero Dog Awards

As much as our volunteers (and dogs!) like to get our hands (and paws!) dirty, play at the park, take walks, and just have fun, it’s nice to get fancied up once in a while – especially if it’s for a good cause!

Can’t be too serious at a fancy party, right? Andrea, Juan and Midas having a great time at the Hero Dog Awards.

The Hero Dog Awards, hosted by the American Humane Association is just such a worthy event. The Hero Dog Awards honors dogs seeks to recognize America’s “outstanding Hero Dogs,” whether they are “saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, providing therapeutic support to children suffering from cancer, or just greeting us with a wagging tail at the end of a hard day.”

A few weeks ago, our very own Midas, along with his owner, Juan Valdez; and our social media director, Andrea Gal, partied, and dined, with this year’s nominees. Not only that, they enjoyed a star-studded evening at this red-carpet event with musical guests Wilson Phillips and Shara Strand.

Thanks to tickets donated by John Paul Pet, courtesy of Modern Dog Magazine, our folks, and our pup, got to hobnob with some pretty amazing dogs. Or, should we say that those dogs got to hang out with Midas?

The winner of the annual competition is selected through a combination of online voting and panel judging, and walks away with a $5,000 donation to a charity partner. However, all the nominees are winners, also walking away with sizable donations to their charity partners.

To see the winner of this year’s Hero Dog Awards, tune into the Hallmark Channel on Oct 30th, at 8pm/7pm central. The full list of winners per category is available on the American Humane Association’s website; but we won’t spoil the surprise!

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