Nicte Cuevas, DoD Branding Director, Wins Design Award!

Nicte's winning T-Shirt design

Nicte’s winning T-Shirt design

At Dogs on Deployment, we know that our volunteers are amazing and wonderful people; so, it’s no surprise to us when they are recognized as such. Still, it makes our hearts proud and glad when it happens, and we want to share it with the world.

Nicte Cuevas, the Branding Director for DoD, has been volunteering with us for almost a year. In her inaugural year with us, her Midas T-Shirt design was awarded a Certificate of Excellence award by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA).

Wonderful dogs come in all breeds

Wonderful dogs come in all breeds

The five-decades-old, 2014 American Graphic Design Awards received over 8,000 entries. Nicte is one of only 15% who were awarded this prestigious honor, in highly selective competition. Her design will be among those to be featured in their print magazine, iPad app, and on their website, in November.

She got involved with DoD after searching for organizations that she says, “promoted responsible pet ownership, and didn’t agree with breed specific (BSL) regulations.” She calls BSL regulations the “Big Silly Law” that often keeps her from fostering animals in need, in her area.

Read More about DoD’s Mission to Standardize Military Pet Policies here.

Attila, the heart-stealing, daddy’s girl.

She says, “Once I found DoD, I loved what they stood for and their unique approach to ALL members of the military family. On top of that, I’m a HUGE animal lover!” Believe it or not, aside from her rescue mutt, Attila (a Daddy’s girl), her second favorite animal is the Komodo Dragon! Of course, since Attila knows over 20 tricks, perhaps she’ll learn how to make a dragon disappear, and keep all the focus on her.

Like most of us at DoD, she’s a softie for all animals, and when she sees one in need, her heart breaks; but, she was looking for something that combined her soft heart with her passion: design. Since her previous job was the in-house designer at the Houston Zoo, Branding Director was a perfect fit for her.

Look out, Attila! This Komodo might be coming home with Nicte one day!

Look out, Attila! This Komodo might be coming home with Nicte one day!

Since getting involved with DoD, she says that it has given her “the opportunity and trust to help build a brand that has a huge impact on the well-being of our military families—including our furry members.” Being an Air Force spouse for the past three years, she knows how important that is. She even makes sure that, through her local base forum, she personally directs Airman to DoD, before deployments and surrendering pets.

Overall, she says, “It has been very exciting to see how DoD has grown and continues to grow with more volunteers and boarders.”

Congratulations and kisses from your adoring fans: fury, scaly, hairy and otherwise.

Congratulations and kisses from your adoring fans: fury, scaly, hairy, and otherwise.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s a part of the Dogs on Deployment team, and we more proud of her accomplishments.

See more of Nicte’s work and see how she can help your company with design work at her website for Nicte Creative Design.

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