Reptar’s Recovery Thanks to Pet Chit Program

Military spouses have a saying that goes something like this: whatever can happen during a deployment, usually does happen. Some spouses call it Murphy’s Law, or the deployment curse. Just ask Trisha Parsons, mother of an eight-month-old son, and wife of a deployed Sgt. in the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

During the course of Sgt. Parson’s deployment, the family’s one and a half year old Boxer, Reptar, suffered a ligament tear injury, to his leg.

“I am not sure exactly how Reptar injured himself. I noticed him limping one night and took him to the veterinarian a couple of days later when it didn’t get any better,” Trisha explains. “He loves to run full speed in our backyard and play with our other dog, so I’m sure it happened doing one of those things.”

Emergency veterinarian bills always tend to be high and to put a strain on the pocketbook, especially when the bill is so very unexpected.

Trisha found out about Dogs on Deployment from a friend’s post on Facebook and made contact to see if they could perform some magic. DoD’s Pet Chit program has helped many families like Trisha’s.

“When I contacted Dogs on Deployment, they had me fill out a form to see if they could help,” Trisha explains of the easy, and fast payment assistance process. “Once they received that, they let me know that they could help with 55 percent of the cost of surgery; the whole process took about a month.”

Dogs on Deployment was able to contribute $1300 towards the cost of Reptar’s surgery. This sweet boy is now two weeks post surgery and is healing extremely well.

Reptar, looking pitiful in his crate, will be up and running in no time!

Reptar, looking pitiful in his crate, will be up and running in no time!

“He will get his staples removed in a few days and then his cone of shame can come off; so, he should be much happier after that. He hates being confined to his crate, and misses being with the family; but, in a couple of months he should be back to normal activity,” Trisha shares of Reptar’s road to recovery.


Trisha is very thankful to all who donated money towards Reptar’s surgery and feels very lucky to have stumbled upon the helpful people behind Dogs on Deployment.

“Thank you all again to all of those who donated to his surgery, and to Dogs on Deployment for being so amazing and helpful!” she says of DoD, its supporters and the Chit Program. “Thank you all for helping our pup!”

If you would like to help Dogs on Deployment achieve our mission please visit the Donation Section of our website.

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