A Home-Run Reunion

Kevin, a US Air Force member stationed at Hurlburt Field in Destin, FL, had a lot to prepare for when he received orders to deploy within a month last February. Without nearby family or friends to rely on, Kevin found himself looking into options for his two dogs, Indigo and Ruby. As two Australian Cattle Dogs actually from Australia, Indigo and Ruby needed a home until July, when Kevin would return, a place with a big yard, and space for them to play. An online search led Kevin to Dogs on Deployment where he registered Indigo and Ruby on the online network, and quickly found DoD Boarder, and Tennessee Local Chapter Coordinator, Katie Brown.

“Indigo and Ruby have been my rocks through thick and thin.  Without them, I could not have made it to 20 years of service.  They have endured many deployments and TDYs, yet they are always there to happily greet me upon my return,” says Kevin about his dogs. It was extremely important that he found a safe place for them to go to while he deployed.

Indigo and Ruby are two patriotic pups!

Indigo and Ruby are two patriotic pups!

After emailing each other, Kevin felt comfortable that Katie was the best fit for his two dogs. He drove them from Florida to Tennessee, where Katie agreed to care for them as if they were her own until Kevin returned in July.

Now, its July, and the moment Kevin, Katie and all of the Dogs on Deployment team have been waiting for: the reunion! Taking place on July 22nd at 6:45pm at the Smokies Mountain Stadium in Kodak, TN, fans of this baseball team will be happily surprised. Before the game begins, Indigo and Ruby will be making a home-run back to Kevin’s arms!

“I boarded Indigo and Ruby after meeting Kevin because I immediately understood how important they were to him as family members. I joined Dogs on Deployment to give back to military personnel for all they give up for us. They deserve to return to their families and know that while they are away those pets are being treated as family. After a six month deployment, I have been anticipating this moment. Seeing the family reunite has to be the most rewarding and satisfactory feeling – making my life complete,” says Katie Brown, who has planned this reunion for weeks.

We’re all excited to see it happen! But to make it a success, we need support. If you are a media representative interested in covering this story, please contact us. We are currently looking for volunteer videographer and photographer to be present. If interested in helping, please email us for details!

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