Soldier and Dog Reunite in Salisbury after Nine Months

By Aisha Khan
Reposted from WBOC16

SALISBURY, Md.-We all understand how tough it can be for deployed military men and women leaving their loved ones behind. And sometimes those loved ones could be our four legged friends who need someone to care for them while their owners are away on duty.
Tammy Taylor of Salisbury is a pet caretaker who participates in a nationwide program called Dogs on Deployment.

Taylor who comes from a military family has been volunteering with the national non-profit since 2010.

“I just have a soft spot for the military,” Taylor said, “seeing how happy someone is to get their beloved pet back just makes it all worth while.”

On Thursday, Taylor awaited for the arrival of Staff Sergeant Megan Burke who was deployed for nine months in Afghanistan, leaving her pit-bull mix, Remmie with the volunteer.

“I can’t, I can’t wait to see her,” said Burke originally of California as she walked into Taylor’s home waiting for Remmie to come running out, “I don’t know if she’ll remember me.”

The reunion was joyous and emotional as Remmie wagged her tail happily, licking her long gone hero’s face.

“She looks beautiful!, Remmie you look beautiful!,” Burke exclaimed.

Remmie is a rescue dog and had only been with Burke for about a year before she had to take off for overseas back in September.

“I’ve had waited so long to have a dog and I hit ten years in the military this year,” Burke said, “without Tammy and Dogs on Deployment I probably would’ve had to give Remmie up and she’s my family.”

It’s an expected help that Burke said gave her a peace of mind without having to worry what was going to happen with Remmie.

Burke said she is back on American soil for good, but has orders to be stationed in Florida beginning in November. Remmie gets to go with her.

“I’m hoping to buy a house a place with a back yard so that I can become a family to someone else that deploys,” Burke said, “I truly believe in paying it forward.”

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