Leshay and Jack’s Story

Leshay was a very young sailor with a young pitbull named Jack whom he adopted from the local animal shelter. When he got orders to move to a city which banned bully breeds, he thought that the shelter could help watch Jack until he found acceptable arrangements for Jack. Unfortunately, the shelter could only hold Jack for a couple of days, after which, he would be euthanized. The shelter and Leshay called Dogs on Deployment to try to find a place for Jack to go during Leshay’s move. After posting a plea on Dogs on Deployment’s Facebook page, a volunteer agreed to help Leshay pull Jack from the shelter so his life would not be in danger, and keep Jack until Leshay could make arrangements.

Jack with his original DoD Boarder, who gave her best effort to help him, but couldn't because of his breed.

Jack with his original DoD Boarder, who gave her best effort to help him, but couldn’t because of his breed.

This became a shortened arrangement after the landlord of the volunteer found out Jack’s breed was a pitbull terrier. They gave them immediate notice to remove Jack, or their lease would be terminated. Without the ability to object, Leshay took the bus to pick up Jack from the boarder. At a loss, he called Dogs on Deployment for advice what to do next. He had no car, no stable living arrangements and no place to take Jack.

We decided to immediately contact our friends at Like Home Boarding, an affordable boarding facility which specializes in long term military pet care. Dogs on Deployment again turned to our social pages to find a volunteer who picked Leshay and Jack up, drove them 2 hours to Like Home Boarding, then brought Leshay to his temporary resident after a good-bye with Jack. Dogs on Deployment covered the first month of boarding, thanks to our donors. Jack is waiting the day he can be reunited with Leshay and has been enjoying the company of other military and rescued pets.

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