February DoD Honor Guard Nominations

We are excited to share February’s nominations to our DoD Honor Guard! We have received so many amazing nominations for DoD Boarders going above and beyond the “call of duty,” and here are just some of them that are Selected volunteers recognized in the Dogs on Deployment Honor Guard receive a $250.00 Tractor Supply Co. gift card and earn a badge on their DoD Boarder online profile! 

Category of DoD Boarder

Cindy Brock

With Gratitude from Connor Thomas, US Air Force

“Cindy was an amazing dog boarder. She took Banjo on daily walks, worked on his training, and took excellent care of his physical health while I was away. She even covered an unexpected vet bill until my pet insurance claim came in. I would constantly receive “update” pictures of him playing in the back yard or meeting her family and friends. It was an awesome experience. She has boarded him two times for a total of 9 months. I couldn’t have asked for a better home for my dog. We have become great friends and she always lets me know that she has a home for Banjo when I am away.”

Amber Chalfin

With Gratitude from Brant Bickhaus, US Navy

“Amber was able to accommodate my pets not just once but twice and my dogs loved their stay! Amber consistently kept me updated on how they were doing and would send pictures of them particularly on holidays. It really felt like I was able to connect with my pets while deployed. When I picked them up I could tell they were almost hesitant to go but I coaxed them into the car with all the new toys they had. She really went above and beyond and if I needed to board again I know I would go back. Truly an experience way above what I expected!

Haylee D’arcy

With Gratitude from Chris Layne, US Navy

“Wow, where do I start. The D’arcy’s were fantastic watching my dog while I was deployed. They kept in constant contact with me and shared multiple pictures and videos with how much fun Coco was having. I visited multiple homes before them and knew the first minute I walked in their home, they were the ones I trust to watch my dog. I did not visit anymore homes after them. They met us with a smile and a welcomed us into their household with open arms. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable.
If they ever decide to do DOD again, they have the best recommendation from me and I will be their biggest salesmen. I am extremely grateful and happy with the D’arcy’s!”

Rebecca Eddy

With Gratitude from Kassia Cooper, US Army

“My girls are both Great Danes and Amelia has separation anxiety and a very sensitive stomach. Rebecca and her family opened their home and made sure both of my girls felt comfortable and safe. When Amelia’s anxiety was so bad that her stool wouldn’t harden, Rebecca recommended a different brand of food that did wonders for Amelia’s stomach and she started putting weight back on in no time. The girls were used to sleeping in the bed with me so Rebecca made an extension of their bed for the girls to sleep in at night. She regularly sent me pictures and videos of the girls playing. I even had weekly video chats with my two baby girls. Rebecca took Margeaux to the vet for an annual checkup and shots and refused compensation for the bill. I can’t imagine a woman with a bigger heart or more desire to help provide temporary loving homes for our military’s furry families.”

Lynn Fenton

With Gratitude from Jamie Cox, US Army

“During my time away Lynn made the ease of worrying if my boys were taken care of to the fullest!! She always made she I had photos and updates on their health and happiness, and this made it easier for me to focus on my deployment. Not once did I ever question their care and knew they were being spoiled to the fullest!!! I mean they got to swim in the pool all summer and go to the park several times a week!!!! She is such a wonderful caregiver and absolutely adored my boys the way I would, she became their second mom and home away from home! I’ll forever be great full for Lynn.”

Category of Military Member & Pet Owner

Thomas Setser, US Army

The Setser family received orders to PCS (term for a military move) from Fort Hood, TX to Hawaii. While it may sound like dream orders, despite the military paying for many moving costs, military families are still faced with expensive costs that have to come out of pocket, including the cost to ship their pets. “With all the expenses pilling up, some assistance in moving our dogs would help tremendously. We don’t have the heart in order to get rid of our puppies. Our one dog Freya has already been passed down to us from someone who PCSed to Hawaii. We have had her for about 7 months and she has settled in and feels like she has a home. I just don’t think it would be right to pass her off again to another family. This dog deserves to come with us. Our other dog Macie is a sweetheart that we have had over a year. She always cuddles up with us in bed and on our couch and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. It would break my heart to have to get rid of these dogs and take them to a pound or re home them.”

With fundraising efforts, Dogs on Deployment and our donors were able to grant Macie and Freya a grant of $2,715 to help with their move through our Rich Setzer Memorial Grant. The family was truly grateful for the assistance, and they are now happily living the Aloha life.

Other Military Members to Be Recognized

Additional pet owners to receive a Tractor Supply Gift card as a part of the DoD Honor Guard for the month of January include:

  • Jamie Cox, US Army who had two dogs boarded
  • Jolie Vega, US Air Force family, who received a $4,900 grant for emergency veterinary care
  • Laura Dorman, US Veteran Affairs medical personnel, who received a $1,640 grant for emergency veterinary care
  • Jonathan Smith, US Army veteran, who received a $40 grant to help PCS his dog

Dogs on Deployment extends a very special thanks to Tractor Supply Co. (TCS). Read more about our incredible partnership by clicking here.

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