December DoD Honor Guard Nominations

We are excited to share December’s nominations to our DoD Honor Guard! We have received so many amazing nominations for DoD Boarders going above and beyond the “call of duty,” and here are just some of them that are

Selected volunteers recognized in the Dogs on Deployment Honor Guard:

  • will receive a $250.00 Tractor Supply Co. gift card, to be donated by TSC;
  • will be recognized in Dogs on Deployment marketing communications, including this Military Tails Blog, the DoD newsletter, and social media;
  • will receive a signed thank you card from Dogs on Deployment CEO, Alisa Johnson;
  • will receive a certification of appreciation from Tractor Supply Co; and,
  • will earn a badge on their DoD Boarder online profile.

Category of DoD Boarder

Michael & Anne Bouley

Congratulation to Michael & Anne Bouley.

With Gratitude from Danica Lute, US Army

“I had less than 72 hours to identify a sitter for an emergency deployment. I found Michael and Anne Bouley and they not only graciously took care of my dog, they sent me photos, emails, and frequently communicated with me to ensure I felt comfortable with having them as care takers for my dog during deployments where my priority focus is on other things. They are selfless individuals and even brought in Single soldiers for thanksgiving and my dog absolutely loved the additional company and it was a memorable moment for me during a very stressful time. These sitters are now part of my family.”

Hannah Hurey

With Gratitude from Sherrey Smith, US Air Force

“Hannah Hurley was the best dog border. We connected pretty last minute as other plans had fell through for my family but she was able and willing to take my dog for the duration of my Basic Military Training. She kept my dog safe and happy during the duration of his stay by getting him on a good diet, making sure he had plenty of exercise, and even taking him to the vet when he had a skin irritation. She provided updates and photos regularly. Every time I was able to have my phone a new picture of Jäger snuggling with her Cassie would pop up. They even worked on training with him because he had a bad habit of jumping and begging at the dinner table. She was very flexible in scheduling a drop off and even more so when my duty got extended due to covid 19 and she kept him for more than a month longer than originally planned. She was willing to work with my significant other to schedule times that met both of their needs. I could not have asked for a better boarding experience and cannot thank the Hurley family enough for their support.”

Debbie & Mark Lundquist

With Gratitude from Erica Georges, National Guard

“Mark & Debbie went above & beyond during my deployment. They exceeded all of my expectations! They cared & loved my dog, Meela, like their own, sent me a TON of photos & videos, kept in touch with me, trained & walked Meela 3+ MILES A DAY! My dog can be a sassy handful, but they welcomed her with open arms! They also took on an additional task & cared for ME! They kept in contact with me & prayed for me over my time deployed. They asked how they can help pray for me & were there for me in hard times. They’re the most caring people I know. I met them 2 weeks before I left Minnesota & they became family. I couldn’t have imagined my dog in the care of any other family. Upon my arrival in the states, we all shed tears, but we know we will keep in touch forever.”

Kimberly Neville

With Gratitude from Brian Oliver, US Army

“I received orders for Korea after just getting divorced and needed someone to watch my Great Dane for a year tour. Kimberly and Tracy looked after Piper for 12 months and not once accepted a single thing from me. They fed and cared for her as if she were their own. They sent me photos all the time to show me what she was up to and kept me informed constantly throughout the year. Knowing that Piper was being taken care of by two amazing caretakers put my mind at ease. Especially once COVID19 hit and I was preoccupied with 40+ soldiers and their own families wellbeing.”

Category of Military Member & Pet Owner

Beau Dollahite, US Army

In memory of Tifa, beloved military family pet.

Beau Dollahite came to Dogs on Deployment to apply for a Pet Chit after his dog had to receive nearly $10,000 in emergency treatment, and the US Army family was struggling to afford to pay the bills. Worst of all, even after the very expensive treatment, in the end, the doctors could not save their beloved, Golden Retriever, Tifa. Together, with the amazing support of one of our donors, Victoria, Dogs on Deployment was able to grant $2400 towards their medical bills.

Corporal Dollahite writes to you, “Thank you for giving so much when right now people have so little to give. We gave everything we had to try and save Tifa, honesty even beyond our means. And despite all our best efforts she passed peacefully at the hospital after surgery. We loved her very much. Tifa was sassy, smart, sweet, good, loyal, beautiful and was a joy to be around. While nothing can bring her back, the support we’ve received will help ease the burden of our financial loss. Again, thank you so much.”

Other Military Members to Be Recognized

Additional pet owners to receive a Tractor Supply Gift card as a part of the DoD Honor Guard for the month of November include:

  • Sherrey Smith, US Air Force
  • Erica Georges, National Guard
  • Brian Oliver, US Army
  • Erica Truccolo, US Army

Dogs on Deployment extends a very special thanks to Tractor Supply Co. (TCS). Read more about our incredible partnership in 2020 by clicking here.

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