Happy Ending for Kat, a Sailor, and Miko

US Navy sailor, Kat, reunites with her dog Miko, who was in foster care with DoD Boarder, Laura, during Kat's deployment of three months.

Though being in the Navy for almost two years, Kat's recent deployment left her unsure of what would happen to Miko during her absence. Being stationed in a new place, she had no one to turn to. That's when she found Dogs on Deployment, an online network aimed to help military members connect with volunteer foster homes to care for their pets during service commitments.

Through DoD's network, Kat connected with DoD Boarder, Laura, who joined the program due to loosing her cousin to the war nearly five years ago. After her cousin gave his life at 23 years old to protect our country, his dog, Camper, went to live with his parents.

During Laura's deployment, she was given constant updates on Miko, giving her peace of mind that he was in good care while she was away.

Finally being able to come home, Miko greeted Kat with boundless happiness, kisses and tail wags.

For Kat, she's relieved and grateful to be home with her dog. She says she won't hesitate to call Laura again, if she deploys again, in the future.


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